Employee Page

Developing an employee page for a featured product on an existing website

What I did

Created an employee page on an existing WordPres website with JavaScript interactivity. The page would need to work with the existing code and be editable on the WordPress back end so employees could be added, removed. Details of the employees would also need to be easy to modify through the back end as well.

This project was done around Spring/Summer 2016

Project’s Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was figuring out how to work with the existing framework for the WordPress site which was using the Genesis Framework. Luckily, knowing how WordPress works allowed us to not have to learn the entire framework and still accomplish the task.

Another smaller challenge for this project was figuring out how to add the JavaScript functionality to the page. From what I recall I would usually work the back end first to make sure that that the correct data was could be displayed on the page, then worked in the markup, CSS and JavaScript to create the effect.

What I took away

I learned that having solid understanding of the underlying WordPress system allowed us to work with the theme without having to learn the entire Genesis Framework system.

Also learned that approaching the problem form different angles can help when developing a feature.

This project is still viewable on the web, check it out