Featured Product Landing Page

Developing a landing page for a featured product on an existing website.

What I did

This project entailed creating a landing page for a new featured product, it required creating a custom WordPress template so that it could have features that were not seen on already existing pages (i.e. multiple slidshows)

This project was done around Spring/Summer 2016

Project’s Biggest Challenge

One of the coolest problems solved for this project was creating a modification to the slide show feature so we did not have to create one-off slide shows. Was able to make modifications in a way that a user could one robust slide show feature that handled different the layouts instead making multiple slide shows each with unique layouts. This modified robust slide show could also be used elsewhere on the site.

What I took away

The importance of planning ahead before actually coding something, seeing the patterns of the layouts of the slide show and making a robust slide show initially took more time because it takes time figuring out how to make it robust for different scenarios (i.e. layouts of text content for the slide show) however this robust slides show could now be used on future pages of the site and instead of debugging individual slide shows just one slide show would need to be modified which in the end saves time despite it initially taking more time.

This project is no longer viewable on the web.