LifeWorks Group Website

Developed a small website for a health counseling center.


What I did

Perhaps one of the greatest moments when working at my first place of work was developing a small website for a Health care counseling center using WordPress.

This project was done around Spring/Summer 2016

Project’s Biggest Challenge

While many of my previous projects were modifications to an already existing site, this site however would be built basically from scratch using a base theme.

Another large challenge was working with WordPress plugins which dynamically changed the video shown for each employee on the employee page.

What I took away

This was a triumphant moment, I learned that even small sites have complexity and problem solving involved, however they can be broken down into doable components.

The value of team work, while I was the main developer on the project the site was designed by the creative members of the team.

The site is still available, check it out here.