How to Embed an Email Link on a Shopify Page

A lot can be accomplished using Shopify’s Rich Text Editor, in this post we look at how we can embed an email link using it.

First navigate to the page that the email link is to appear on, usually a “contact us” page is suitable.

In the pages Rich Text Editor paste in the email address where you want it to appear. In our case we will add this beneath the “Email Us Directly” header.


Next, we want to highlight the email address with the computer’s cursor.


Once the email is fully highlighted, click the “Insert Link” button from the tool bar of the Rich Text Editor.


After clicking the “Insert Link” button a pop up window should appear. In the popup window, add mailto: followed by the email address, its entirety should appear as as seen here: 


Click Insert Link to insert the link and make the pop up window disappear. Finally click Save to save the post.

To check it out, click the “View Page” near the top of the page. It should open a new web browser tab and display the page. This should open the email client in the web browser. If clicked on a mobile device in a web browser like Safari it will start a “New Message” window.